Thursday, September 24, 2009


I fished a lake in Forest County for the past 5 days or so and had an absolute blast thanks to a great friend of mine who let me use his cottage for the week. We caught countless panfish in the 7-11 inch range, mostly bluegills. All our panfish were caught on Wades Blades jigs with a piece of nightcrawler beneath a bobber. These jigs were absolutely killer on these panfish and if you want to check them out go and look for yourself. The panfish were absolutely impossible to catch all day but, once sunset came they went nuts. As soon as the bobber hit the water a bluegill, crappie, or perch slammed the jig. My fiance had a pike rip a bluegill off the hook right next to the boat which was cool to see.

The pike were very active in the shallows at sunset on Rapala SkitterWalks and ZaraSpooks. The biggest pike landed was a 26 incher but, I had a huge monster pike follow right up to the boat and turn away. I am guessing 40 inch range for that pike that followed. The bass were also hitting the lures but, no big ones landed. I had a few explosive strikes that I missed so they could've been big bass or pike. Topwater fishing is my all time favorite method to catch fish, it keeps your attention and scares the crap out of you when a fish strikes your lure. Here are many photos from this week so enjoy and, good luck on the water.....