Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 19, 2010 Mark Twain Lake Crappie

Went Crappie fishing at Mark Twain Lake. I did not fish this lake at all last year, but had good luck there in previous years.

Finally got a chance to get the boat out and run the motor. Weather was perfect with high temps in the mid 60's and very light winds.

Started off fishing a small cove where I've caught fish before. Was casting a 1/8th oz. jig and white/Chart. 3" grub. Second cast I caught a fat white bass. Caught several more, before I moved back to some logs in the water and caught several crappie.

Decided to anchor off next to one of the logs. I put on a Green Chart. Wades Blade and minnow, and caught a big fat Crappie. hit a few other logs, but did not get bit.

I motored to another small cove that I had never fished before. I started casting a grub using my Ultra-Lite, as I entered the mouth of the cove. I caught several Crappie a couple feet out from the bank.

I trolled into the back of the cove where there was a bunch of logs and brush. Let the wind push me back next to the brush, and then set out my anchors.

Dropped a #6 Wades Blade and minnow next to the brush and caught a fat White Crappie. I continued to move the jig around in different spots and kept catching Crappie. Once the action slowed, I pulled up one of the anchors and used the trolling motor to move the boat further back in the brush, so I could fish some new areas.

I set my Wade Blade close to the back of the cove, and my slip cork disappeared instantly. I was a nice Blk. Crappie. Continued fishing the same area and caught a bunch of crappie.

All in all it was a great day of fishing.