Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Fishing Nov. 8, 2009

Took my son out fishing. Went back to my favorite lake in Illinois. The weather was fantastic for November, with high temps around seventy degrees!

We started out fishing for Crappie and caught a nice trout. After fishing the same tree for a while and missing two good bites, we decided to move to another spot. Fished a few more trees and caught a couple Crappie.

The lake was pretty crowded, because of the nice weather. And it seemed everyone wanted to fish for Crappie. We moved to the far side of the lake to get out of the wind. My polarized glasses allowed me to see spots where several logs were laying in the water. These spots were overlooked by the other anglers. I would sit my Wade's Blade and minnow next to the logs and fishing various depths. Caught some nice fish and found some decent numbers.

Trout was caught on a White #6 Wade's Blade with minnow, Crappie was caught on a Yellow Chart. #6 Wade's Blade and minnow. *All fish were photographed and released!

As we were leaving for the day, I noticed some fish chasing shad. I tied a small Mepp's spinner on Ty's rod and told him to cast near the school of shad. He immediately hooked up with a little largemouth bass. He caught three more Bass in four casts. Not much size to them, but a lot of fun for him. Made his day!

Till next time.....tight lines!


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