Monday, May 24, 2010

May 22, 2010 - Great Bluegill Bite

Finally got a break from all the rain and was able to get out and fish for some Bluegill. Visited a lake in Central Illinois, and the fishing was great.

Took Tyler and met my good friend and long-time fishing partner Steve Miller. The lake was high when we got there, but surprisingly clear after all the heavy rains.

We caught all of our fish in shallow water of 3 feet or less. Used a #8 Wade's Blade (Colors: Black & Pumpkin) tipped with a waxworm.

Caught both males and females, and it looks like we still have some time before they spawn. We ended up keeping 19 male bluegills. *We released all the females.

Steve caught a nice bonus Redear that measured 10 inches long. We released the female fish. Also caught a couple small Channel Catfish, which were released back into the lake.

With the holiday weekend approaching and warmer temps, the fishing should just get better & better!
Go out and get ya some!

Tight Lines,

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