Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break 80 Degree Ice Fishing......well not quite

Hey Everyone!
Just got back from a 2 day trip to Lake of The Ozarks here in Missouri. Took My son Tyler out for a short "Spring Break" fishing trip.

Started out yesterday afternoon fishing below the dam using my jig and float technique, in an effort to catch some White Bass, but they have not showed up yet! Only managed one. But TY and I caught a couple nice Bass.

Spent the night at the cabin and fished the boat docks for Crappie. Water was pretty stained, but the bite was "on"!  My son actually suggested that we take the ice fishing rods with us! At first I thought he was crazy, but the more I thought about it ...it made sense!

A lot of people sink brush and other fish attractors directly below the docks. The short 24" rods with spring bobbers were great for fishing those "tight" places around the docks. The spring bobbers allowed us to drop my #6 Wade's Blades jigs down pretty deep and detected the slightest nibble. Once we saw the minnow getting nervous, it was just a matter of seconds before the rods had a deep bend in them, with a fish on the line.

They are also more sensitive when fishing with horizontal jigs and plastics, which also worked well. We are probably the only people to ever use ice rods on this massive 55,000 acre lake.

Taking the family to the lake? Want to fish but have no room for rods and tackle? Sure you can't fit a couple 24" rods somewhere? Might be onto something? 

Lesson here: Don't put your ice fishing tackle & equipment away after the ice melts. You might have your best spring ever using the lures and baits you already have!

Till next time.....Tight Lines,

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