Saturday, April 14, 2012

2012 Springtime Crappie - Dock fishing

Finally had a chance to get out and do some springtime Crappie fishing. Very warm temperatures this year have all the fish active and spawning earlier than usual. While I didn't get the boat out, I decided to try a reliable method of fishing from the docks.

Spent  a short time fishing off a dock at the Lake of The Ozarks. Some of the Ol' Timers have sunk brush piles between areas of the boat dock, which makes for some reliable fishing year round.

I've fished a number of docks over the years, but the last couple I started using my 24 - 26 inch Ice fishing combo, which is compact, super-sensitive, and a whole lot of fun when you hook a fish.

My favorite combo is the Frabill Panfish Popper, with a sensitive spring bobber on the tip. I tie a size #6 Wade's Blade directly to the line, add a small split-shot about 5 inches above the Blade, and tip it with a minnow.

Drop the bait over the side of the dock and let out enough line so that it is slightly above the brush. You can see the minnow get nervous by watching your spring bobber move. Then when the fish takes it, the spring bobber will take a deep bend down towards the water. That's when you get hooked-up.

Give this method a chance some time. I will have these combos available on the site soon. It's the most fun you can have fishing from the dock, and the compact rods do not take up any room. You don't know what you'll catch. Crappie, Bluegill, Stripers, Walleye, and Crappie. Oh yea, and hang on or watch your rod close.....lost two poles last year to big fish!

Good Luck. Till nest time........Tight Lines!


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