Friday, January 15, 2010

Awesome Trout Action Thru The Ice

This week has been some of the best ice fishing for Trout at Busch Wildlife in years!

I've been spending my time fishing lake 22 and have caught limits of fish every day! Even hooked one around 4 lb's.....had him up to the hole three times, but eventually got off.

Action for some anglers has been slow, but I stumbled across a method that is working well. I'm using a #8 Yellow Chartreuse Wade Blade tipped with a single piece of yellow canned corn. Using my rod holder and Frabill light action rod with 4 lb. test. I'm dropping the jig all the way down till it hits the bottom and reeling up about four inches, and letting it sit. Occasionally I will jig the blade to get the fish's attention.

Also had some luck using a pink #8 blade tipped with a small shiner or chub minnow.

Bites have been light at times, but the spring tip on the rod has helped me detect the slightest nibble. Once they tap it, Set the hook hard on a semi loose drag, and the battles on.

With warming temperatures, I'm not sure how long the ice will be around? So be careful if you go out and good luck.

Till next time....tight lines.


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