Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Fish of the Year 2010!

Went fishing yesterday with my good friend Steve Miller, and checked out the ice conditions at a lake in central Illinois. To my surprise the ice was 2 1/2 - 3 inches thick! I did not walk out too far from shore, but did drill a couple holes close to the boat docks and fished from there.

Had 3 three subtle bites and one fish that inhaled a pink #8 Wade Blade and waxworm. Caught my first fish of the year on Jan. 2nd. A Rainbow Trout.

The outside temp. on the dash of my truck said one degree, when I left the house in the morning. The sun was out, but it was some of the coldest weather I've fished in, with temps for the day staying in the single digits. I was wearing plenty of layers, so I was comfortable the entire time.

Went fishing today (Sunday Jan. 3rd) out at Busch Wildlfe in Weldon Springs MO. Checked out lakes 22 - 24, and decided to fish lake 23. Ice was about the same thickness as in IL, around 2- 1/2 inches+. But the quality of ice is better this year, than last. The temperature dropped so fast and has stayed cold, so the ice is very strong. But that doesn't mean you should not take precautions. I always take a long rope and a boat cushion to kneel on, just in case!

Fished with a Pink #8 Wade's Blade and waxworms for a while today without any bites, so switched from waxworms to a white Berkley Gulp Maggots, and caught a rainbow trout. The water at lake 23 was kind of dingy and fishing was slow. There were two other guys ice fishing when I left, but they did not have any fish.

I decided to try fishing lake #22. The water looked better at lake 22, but we did not get bit in the short time we fished.

The weather is forecast to be cold all next week, with high temps not to exceed the 20's. By next weekend we should have at least 4" of good solid ice, and will have more bodies of water to fish.

Good luck everyone! Hope you have a chance to get out and try some ice fishing. Not sure how long the cold temps will last, so get out and enjoy it while you can. But most of safe!

Tight Lines,

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