Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Crappie on Ice!

Fished a relatives lake over in Fosterburg, IL this morning. Ice was nice and clear and approximately 6 - 8 inches thick!

Started out fishing with Wade's Blades and waxworms, but couldn't get bit. Switched to a #6 Black Wade's Blades with minnows and caught a few Crappie. All in all a slow day, but that's how it goes sometimes!

They are predicting 5 -6 inches of snow for tonight and tomorrow. Checked the area Trout Stocking hotline and Busch Wildlife lakes 22 & 23 were stocked with approx. 300 Rainbow Trout yesterday. Vlasis Park was stocked with approx. 95 trout. Should be some great trout fishing through the ice!

Get out and get ya some!

Till next time....tight lines.


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